Marital Problems

Marital Problems – Causes, Signs, and Possible Solutions

Marital problems occur in all couples, regardless of how much they love and cherish each other.  For the most part, married couples try to avoid such problems in order to maintain a great relationship but when it comes to preserving a loving relationship, issues need to be addressed head on.

In order to fully understand the nature of marriage problems, couples first need to know how to recognize the causes and signs of a troubled union.

Causes of Marital Problems

While there are some couples who remain faithful and loyal to each other, there are those who take a bit of stumble and resort to having an affair.  Infidelity is one of the most common problems that can cause a marriage to collapse, regardless of which spouse committed the offense.  If a husband or wife becomes unfaithful, the other person tends to resent his/her spouse and perhaps even exact punishment in a number of different ways.

Lack of Sexual Contact

A great number of married couples go on years without having any sort of sexual connection and this can be a source of tension in the relationship.  Sex is a vital part of married life so the lack of which can very well create a gap between spouses and in some cases, even cause one or both spouses to cheat.  The absence of sex in a marriage is almost always construed as a rut but it should never be brushed off so easily as it can most definitely cause a rift between two people, even if they remain loyal to each other.

Financial Difficulties

Marriage is all about taking on responsibilities and taking care of each other’s needs.  If one or both spouses lose their job or in any way become unable to contribute financially, it can become an issue especially if they have been accustomed to a certain lifestyle.  Financial trouble does get in the way of a loving relationship, and, in many cases, even cause a divorce.

Warning Signs of Marital Problems

Couples who are having a tough time do not always necessarily have loud arguments and screaming matches.  In fact, in most cases, couples prefer to give each other the cold shoulder rather than express their anger or discontent.  Such treatment can be extremely painful to both parties, not to mention detrimental to the relationship.  Not being able to communicate is a very serious sign of a troubled marriage and it should be rectified as soon as possible.

Outward Resentment

For those who prefer not to contain their anger or displeasure would usually make snide or passive aggressive remarks toward the other person.  This behaviour usually leads to more problems such as constant verbal abuse, which may damage the marriage even further.  Physical violence may also be involved if and when the resentment escalates to a breaking point.

Awkward Silence at Home

When couples no longer seem to have anything to talk about, it is a sign of clear and present danger in the relationship.  A healthy marriage is one that involves conversations and exchanges between spouses, regardless of how mundane or boring the subject may be.  In severe cases, one or both spouses will go at great lengths to avoid having a conversation.

Solutions to marital problems

Seeking marriage help is the only right thing to do for those whose relationship is going down an ugly road.  While there are a number of ways on how to rectify a broken or troubled marriage, seeking professional help is by far the best choice.  Counselling is the best type of aid that couples can hope for as it will provide them with a safe venue where they can voice their concerns and complaints.

Therapy for married couples is highly recommended because it allows both parties to air their side while an unbiased professional listens and gives advice.  For many couples, this is something that feels a bit strange and intrusive especially those who do not believe in the merits of talk therapy.  However, marriage counselling has been proven to be effective not just in solving marital problems but also in guiding couples toward a new found happiness.

Deciding to seek help for your marital problems might take a while because therapy and counselling only works if both parties willingly participate.  It is always best to allow both spouses to realize how much their marriage means to each of them and whether or not they are willing to do whatever it takes to fix the marriage before it becomes broken beyond repair.